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About us

SERVIREP was created at the end of the year 2002. It was the continuity of a family business that at that time had already been in the local market for 15 years, in Antofagasta. It is thanks to this long journey that our experience supports us, we have grown together with our customers and suppliers, from below, something atypical in the field, since most of the related companies are old companies inherited from transnationals based in the capital. Today we have won the market based on effort, work and a lot of discipline, we are in conditions and on a par with our great competitors, our great guarantee is that we are local, we know the area, the geography, its people, the necessities of the area, etc.

Our clients and suppliers are ours better guarantees of a serious and responsible company, we are in a position to compete in the regional market with good weapons, we have created a trained, competitive and highly experienced work group, our subsidiaries in the most important cities of the north from our country allow us to have a wide range of the real needs of the area, we are in full expansion and convinced that we can continue to grow and improve the options and services for our customers, which is our main objective. Little by little we will be expanding our import lines to give an increasingly complementary service to our current clientele, our customer segment is all those companies that provide services to small, medium and large mining with some special products which you will find in our website.

It should be noted that we are in full expansion of our product lines, our imports are doubling every year, therefore we hope in the short term to surprise the market and expand our operations, today we have all the means of support and possible infrastructure to continue growing and serving our customers. Taking advantage of our quality as a port city is that our imported products arrive from different parts of the world, practically directly to our local wineries, from this year 2020 onwards we have incorporated young human resources which we hope will give a new face to our company, and that is reflected in better conditions for our human staff and our wide range of customers, our goal is to never stop surprising, implementing new sales policies, dispatch, products, new purchase options, etc.

"In Servirep we deliver more than an alternative, we deliver a reality"

Servirep Companies Headquarters, Lautaro Espíndola #7074, Barrio Industrial, Antofagasta