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Calama - Loa Diesel
Granaderos #4383

Importadora Loa Diesel Ltda was founded in July 2003 with the aim of satisfying the multiple demands and needs of the years of the Chilean Copper "boom".

Today it is a local, independent and autonomous company with a significant presence and infrastructure. Our facilities allow us to assure our clients optimal assistance in every sense. 

Now a days we have important customers which we have served for years, our warehouses and staff are capable to attend our client's orders as soon as possible and in the best possible way. 

Copiapó - Atacama Truck Parts
Ruta 5 Norte km 800, Local 08, Plaza Comercio

Comercial Atacama Truck Parts Limitada was founded in March 2006. It was created with the aim of providing a solution and responde to the needs of multiple customers in the golden years of Chilean Cooper in the Atacama Region. It had been serving areas of transportation, mining, construction, earthworks, civil works and individuals. We currently have at your disposal a specialized work team and all the necessary means to satisfy the demands of our customers and provide them with comprehensive and optimal care at all levels.

Iquique - Tarapacá Repuestos
12 de Febrero #1153

Sociedad de Inversiones Tarapacá Limitada was founded in August 2007, driven by the high mining activity in the area. Today it has a significant presence in the area and has been increasing its products line as the requests from our customers increase. This allow us to ensure continuity and trust throughout the time and useful life of the main wealth of our country.

Visit us! We will give you the best service always.