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Abrazadera Alta Presión

$1.260 Precio incluye IVA
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CódigoDiam. Menor Diam. MayorDiam. Banda
A17-1917 mm19 mm18 mm
A20-2220 mm22 mm18 mm
A23-2523 mm25 mm18 mm
A26-2826 mm28 mm18 mm
A29-3129 mm31 mm21 mm
A32-3532 mm35 mm21 mm
A36-3936 mm39 mm21 mm
A40-4340 mm43 mm21 mm
A44-4744 mm47 mm21 mm


48 mm51 mm21 mm
A52-5552 mm55 mm21 mm
A56-5956 mm59 mm21 mm
A60-6360 mm63 mm21 mm
A64-6764 mm67 mm21 mm
A68-7368 mm73 mm21 mm
A74-7974 mm79 mm24 mm
A80-8580 mm85 mm24 mm
A86-9186 mm91 mm24 mm
A92-9792 mm97 mm24 mm
A98-10398 mm103 mm24 mm
A104-112104 mm112 mm24 mm
A113-121113 mm121 mm24 mm
A122-130122 mm130 mm24 mm
A131-139131 mm139 mm24 mm
A140-148140 mm148 mm24 mm
A149-161149 mm161 mm24 mm
A162-174162 mm174 mm24 mm
A175-187175 mm187 mm24 mm
A188-200188 mm200 mm24 mm
A201-213201 mm213 mm24 mm
A214-226214 mm226 mm24 mm
A227-239227 mm239 mm24 mm
A240-252240 mm252 mm24 mm

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